"Monroe is an exceptional school. It is a rare gem in our school district with a diverse population that reflects the demographics of both our school district and city giving students and parents a unique and valuable experience. The teachers and staff are dedicated to all students, and their education. They truly value working in a partnership with families to help every child achieve their best. Monroe has great programs which allow students the opportunity to work both in integrated classrooms, and in customized learning groups based on achievement. There is always room for student's knowledge to grow. It is a great place to build an elementary education and a strong foundation for the future."
  - Mustang Mom and Scientist

"Our experience at Monroe has been nothing short of outstanding: Great teachers, caring and accommodating staff members, diverse and involved community, all in a great neighborhood! Also, the Monroe PTA is an energetic and devoted group of parents and teachers are prepared with fresh ideas, always providing for Monroe's student body. Monroe is our neighborhood school and we are thrilled to be a part of it."
  - Mom of two 4th graders

 "We are so grateful to have Monroe as our neighborhood school. My son and I walk two blocks to a fabulous school and are greeted by a diverse, welcoming community. I'm so impressed with how Monroe handles the diverse achievement level of students with the rotations of students in different level groups. My husband and I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful school on the Mesa for our son."
  - Mom of 3rd Grader

 "Monroe is an AMAZING school! The office staff is warm, supportive, and incredibly helpful, the teachers are well-trained, devoted to their students' achievement, and accessible to parents. The PTA is energetic, hard-working and making Monroe better every day. Monroe has a wonderfully diverse population of students and the staff does an amazing job of integrating them and helping them to value their differences. There is a place for everyone at Monroe!"
  - Mom of 4 (3rd, 5th, 6th and 8th)

 "We were at Monroe for seven years. My son started as a student from Kindergarten. I always have good memories of my time there as a mother and volunteer. The teachers were all wonderful and kind. I can say that my son was always happy and enjoying his days at Monroe. For me, having the chance to volunteer and help the kids to learn and have fun was something great. For my son, Monroe was a second home, where he received full support in his endeavors, and a place where teachers were always friendly and helpful with his needs as a high achiever academically. We will always remember Monroe as a special place for us."
  - Claudia and Rafael Saavedra