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Monroe School has many ways that parents can get involved.  Some take just minutes a month; others offer opportunities for greater involvement.  The important thing is to:

  1. Find the level of involvement that works for you
  2. Find the opportunities that are a good match for your schedule, talents and interests; and
  3. Volunteer!

Not sure what would be best for you? That's what PTA is for! Contact anyone on the PTA Board and they will help you find the perfect fit!

Still not convinced? Check out this great article about how volunteering will help your child do better in school.  Or this article filled with suggestions for ways to do it!

Please see attached document entitled Volunteers 2015-2015 that describes what are the needs, approximately how much time is involved and a description of the task. In all of these areas the PTA board members will work with you to ensure you have your questions answered and we are always here for support. Thanks for your consideration!